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Onsite Health Diagnostics is a market leader doxycycline for chlamydia in biometric screenings to provide advanced health assessment solutions. Using patented technologies, Onsite is trusted by many of USA’s largest employers, corporate wellness partners, healthcare systems, brokers, and health insurance companies to deliver biometrics and cancer screenings, outcomes-based incentive management, and workforce health analytics.


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  • Flexible pricing to eliminate site minimums ​
  • Event Real-Time Throughput Monitoring (allows for real-time monitoring of flowrates and participant activity at onsite events)​
  • Performance Guarantees based on client satisfaction and execution of services ​
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Client Service Coordinator for each client ​
  • Inhouse bilingual call center staffed by W-2 teammates at Corporate Headquarters (Coppell, Texas)​
  • No hidden fees or charges for event setup/breakdown, dedicated registration person, eligibility file upload, custom data transmission to third parties, or marketing materials to drive participation​
  • ADA Certified Compliant


  • On staff, full-time Medical Director​
  • Written, enforced staff code of conduct, dress, and professionalism policies
  • Onsite Health Diagnostics staffing & credentialing department
  • Over 7,000 background screened, certified, and trained biometric screening staff in the Onsite network

Technology Driven​​

  • Real time data capture via iPad and patented Point of Care connectivity (Patent No.: US 11,017,116 B2) ​
  • Proprietary Event Management System (EMS) ​
  • Proprietary Employee Health Intelligence (EHI) ​
  • Call Center platform integrated into EMS​
  • Integrated staffing portal


  • Dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • HIPAA & SOC 2 compliant ​
    • Since 2014, our independent assessment has ranked consistently above Healthcare Industry Benchmarks and significantly higher than our industry peers
  • Annual independent assessments conducted by Meditology
  • Daily intrusion testing and monitoring

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